Wednesday, February 27, 2013

PB Chocolate Chip Cookies (flourless!)

1 cup peanut butter (not natural)

1 cup brown sugar, packed

1 egg

1 T vanilla

1 tsp baking soda

6 ou. chocolate chunks or chips

Mix together peanut butter, sugar, egg, vanilla and soda. Add chips last. Refrigerate dough 2 hours. On cookie sheet, press about 1/4 cup dough into a ball (you’ll have to really work to get the chips to stick). Bake 350 for 8-10 minutes. Let cool about 5 minutes. Eat while warm, tastes like a melted peanut butter cup! Yields 16 cookies

Note for calorie counters: As you can imagine, these pack a punch on daily calorie intake. About 160 cals per cookie. They are big cookies but still. . .that’s a lot of calories.

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  1. Ooh! I've made this recipe before--so good and rich! PB Cookies are one of my favorites and this one is really simple to make with kids. :)

  2. It's sure a killer on the diet! I'm eating one right now!