Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Summer fun with LaTisha Barnhart

Summer is around the corner. Stock up on fun reads for your Kindle, Nook or iPad. Right now, all three of the LaTisha Barnhart Mystery series books are now available for Kindle for .99! All other platforms can be purchased through Smashwords for the same price.

LaTisha Barnhart's bunions tell her something's afoot as she delves deeper into the murder of her former employer, Marion Peters. When LaTisha becomes a suspect, the ante i upped, and she is determined to clear her name and find the real culprit.

She's burping Mark Hamm's bad cooking to investigate his beef with Marion and getting her hair styled at a high falutin' beauty parlor to see what has Regina Rogane in a snarl. She's playing self-appointed matchmaker between the police chief and a prime suspect and thinking Payton O'Mahney's music store lease might be the reason he's singing out of tune when discussion of Marion's murder arises. LaTisha's thinking she just might use the reward money to have her bunions surgically removed. But she's got to catch the crook first. 

Polly Dent Loses Grip on the treadmill and takes a fatal spill that's ruled an accident.

While helping her mother-in-law move into Bridgeton Towers Assisted Living & Nursing, LaTisha Barnhart's nose smells trouble simmering. The residents' gossip is revealing all kinds of motives for murder. 

When LaTisha faces health issues, she starts to doubt her ability to keep one step ahead of the villain. Can she stay on her achin' feet long enough to solve yet another crime? 

LaTisha’s cook overhears a hitman being hired to take out the mayor. Then said hitman turns up dead and the plot thickens like a pan of stale gravy.
Who would want to kill the mayor? And who would want to kill the killer? When LaTisha is nearly run down in broad daylight, she realizes the stakes are high. Is her goose cooked? 

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  1. I thought "Murder on the 'Ol Bunions" was a hoot!

    ~Nancy Jill

  2. Thanks, Jill. I loved writing LaTisha and Hardy.

  3. I've read all of them, and You Goose Is Cooked was my favorite. Although I always get hungry when I read your books for some reason.