Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I sometimes feel like a writer without a genre, although I think I’ve finally found a home with the Cozy Mystery crowd. However, when it comes to actually posting my e-books on the publishing sites, that’s where I can have some trouble. When I try to explain it people tend to get confused. There’s a reason for that.
Be prepared, this is going to get complicated.
You see I'm a Christian and I write mysteries, but the sites where I post my e-books do not have a Christian mystery section, or even a Cozy Mystery Section come to think of it. There is only a mystery section or a Christian Fiction section. I do write mysteries, but they are not murder mysteries and even most cozy mysteries are murder mysteries. Also, the mystery and thrillers are grouped together, but my books aren’t scary. Due to the titles of my books some people think I write paranormal stories, but the plot lines are similar to the Old Scooby Doo cartoons where the ghosts, monsters, etc. were fake so that’s not right. They are humorous, but they are not humor books. Since I am a Christian and my books are fiction you would I would fit there, but the nearest category is General and I write mysteries. That means we’re back to the mystery and thriller thing…and I covered all of this already.
Story of my life, I just don’t seem to be easily slotted. Of course, 1 Peter 2:9 (Old King James version of the Bible) does say that Christians are a peculiar people. The definition of peculiar is 1. Unusual or eccentric; odd, 2. Distinct from all others, 3. Belonging distinctively or primarily to one person, group, or kind; special or unique: So maybe that’s not such a bad thing.
So to be clear, just in case I confused you, which I probably did, I write Christian Cozy Mysteries where no one dies, there’s nothing paranormal or thrilling is going on, and they are humorous. There. That sounded almost logical. Kind of.
Now if I can just convince one of the publishing sites to add a Christian Humorous Non-Murder Cozy Mystery Section, I'm set.
On second thought, maybe you should just check for the titles instead. I have links!
However, I am curious, do you do you other writers have trouble fitting in as well? And readers, do you have trouble finding the types of books you like? If not, it's me.


  1. Finally, someone has articulated my same dilemma! My books have Christian themes (Jillian is always praying!) and some readers have called me on the carpet for it. I do kill people, but there's little gore. Perhaps we need a rating system for books. Mine would be "G!"

    Great post, C.L.!
    ~Nancy Jill
    "Queen of Afternoon Tea"

  2. It's okay, CL. Really. Most Christians don't want murder in their cozy mysteries! I try to tell them the Christian is the one solving the case--doesn't matter. So, no murder is a good thing for you MLR.

  3. A very interesting post. I love your humor. I remember reading a book considered a cozy mystery by Janice Thompson and there wasn't a murder in it. Welcome to the group.

    Debbie Malone

  4. Where do you post your e-books, CL?

    1. Well now Bill since you so kindly ask, and I did say I have links, I post on and barnes and noble. Be warned, my books are short, novella length, which is why they are all posted at only 99 cents. Anyway, here are my links:

      The Reboot Files #1 - The Mystery of Hurtleberry House

      The Reboot Files #2 - The Island of Living Trees

      The Reboot Files #3 - The Harbinger of Retribution

      Reboot Files #4 - The Wrong Ghost:

      By the way, thank you for all the other kind comments as well.

  5. I can relate to this post so well! My books have been called too religious and not Christian enough at the same time. Plus, there isn't always a murder. : ) If they ever come up with just the right category, I'll be vying for a spot on it!

  6. My agent states there's no market for cozies...yet I read them! I feel your pain.


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