Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Three Letters to God

Writing can be full of highs and lows. As a Christian I've often wanted to give up whenever I receive a negative review or sales are low (like at the end of the month when readers are pinching pennies). But here's one thing I've done for encouragement early in my writing career - I wrote letters to God. I'd like to share three I've saved. They begin a little over a year after I'd published "Murder in Half Moon Bay." I pray they may inspire you a little with whatever challenges you may be facing.

                                          Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dear Lord,

What do you want me to do with my life? You say, "Do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with Me. Take care of the orphans and widows." So, show me how to do those things. I think of widows and see a need for reaching out, really, seniors in general. I see a need at the SPCA. I need a community to be a part of, a tribe, a family.

I want to do more for my family. Food, support, attention. Please show me Your will for my life. I don't think it's in being an author.

I love You, Lord,


                                                                                                          Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dear Lord,

It seems Ted (my husband) believes in my writing ability. The technology is in my favor. I can only do this with Your help and guidance so I continue to look to You for instruction.

Thank You!

I love You!

                                                                                                                           April 3, 2012

Dear Lord,

Thank you for affirmation that You want me to write books. I've never been so happy!

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I love You!

Nancy Jill Thames,

Blessings on your day, dear readers.  


~Nancy Jill

Nancy Jill Thames was born to write mysteries. From her early days as the neighborhood story-teller to the Amazon Author Watch Bestseller List, she has always had a vivid imagination and loves to solve problems – perfect for plotting whodunits. In 2010, Nancy Jill published her first mystery Murder in Half Moon Bay, introducing her well-loved protagonist Jillian Bradley and clue-sniffing Yorkie “Teddy.”

When she isn’t plotting Jillian’s next perilous adventure, Nancy Jill travels between Texas, California, and Georgia finding new ways to spoil her grandchildren, playing classical favorites on her baby grand, or having afternoon tea with friends.

She lives with her husband in Leander, Texas, where she is a member of Leander Writers’ Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW CenTex Chapter), and Central Texas Authors. 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fighting Crime in the Big City

Well, the truth is Rome, GA is not a big city but I did help fight crime for a night. In Rome you are able to ride along with a police officer on his shift. I was privileged to ride with Officer Cory of the City of Rome Police Department. This is great for research when writing any genre of mysteries. Come along with me as I tell you about our big night. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that I did have to stay in the car when on calls. However, I could see the small monitor on their screen and I could hear what he was saying. Let's go on some calls!
3:00 - Time for group briefing before going out on the beat. Sectors and cars were assigned. 

3:30 -  We got a call to check on someone at one of the local extended stay motels known for drug use and prostitution. A woman had called in to 911 saying she was concerned about her father and thought he might be suicidal. We made the call and officer Cory discovered the man was all right. He called his daughter and relayed the message to her. 

3:50 - We no sooner got down the road when we came upon a wreck that had just happened. Officer Cory turns the car around in the middle of the road and proceeds to work the wreck. No one was hurt, but the EMT's were called to check out an elderly lady. She was fine, but I'm afraid the car wasn't as lucky and had to be towed.

4:11 - While I was waiting on Officer Cory to wrap up the wreck scene I heard there was a domestic situation between two unrelated people at the local CVS right across the street. Since he was tied up we didn't go to that one so I don't know the outcome of that situation.

4:26 - We were called to the local senior apartments where a lady said there was a young child being abused in one of the apartments. Officer Cory went to check it out and talked with the man living there. He said the child was his eight year old son, but had not been to the apartment for two weeks. We went to the child's home and followed up on the accusation. 

5:23 - While he was talking with the young man I heard a call where a suspect was running on foot. The description was a white male with black facial hair and a pony tail. At the time I did not realize we were in the neighborhood where the suspect was. When Officer Cory returned to the car he zoomed away to the location. We were the second car to arrive at a residence where the suspect ran  into. He jumped out running and about 3 or 4 other cars zoomed in on the area. The suspect was apprehended and I saw him being handcuffed, frisked and led to the car. If we'd been a few minutes earlier we'd have arrested the suspect - well I mean Officer Cory. The suspect had fled the scene of a wreck.````

The next few hours were quite and during that time Officer Cory worked on reports and we took a break to eat supper. Then we were back on the beat.

8:30 - A call came in to go to a domestic situation between a wife and husband. This call lasted about 45 minutes with the officers writing a citation banning the husband from coming on the property. 

We were headed back to the station to drop me off (Officer Cory was working a 10 hour shift until 1 a.m.) when there was a call to a situation where a man was going from door to door in a neighborhood asking if they had stolen his wallet. The man had gotten into a argument with a couple of the men living in the neighborhood. Officer Cory couldn't get him to leave. When he did start to leave he bumped into one of the men with his car. Officer Cory got him out handcuffed him so he could talk to him. He wrote him a citation and then followed him home to make sure that's where he went.

10:00 - Finally arrived at the station and I thanked Officer Cory for letting me tag along for the night and wished him a safe night. I so appreciate what these Officers have to deal with day after day protecting us. 

The great thing about the time we spent together I was able to pick his brain about the duties of police and the protocols. I had many questions and he was so gracious to answer all of them. If you're thinking of writing a mystery or just want a night of excitement then call your local police station and inquire if they have something like this for citizens. Some areas even offer a citizens academy. 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spoiled Rotten Murder

Poor Jane.

So many readers took a side in the little love triangle of Jane and Isaac and Jake that when Jane finally realized where her heart was (in Bright New Murder) I couldn't just abandon Isaac! Readers loved him. And anyway, I had drawn inspiration for his character from my own dear husband (warts and all, poor, Daniel.) And I love the guy, too, so in the last year, we have taken a detour from Jane's adventures to follow Isaac overseas to a new job and a new romance in the Tillgiven Romantic Mysteries.

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But the good news is Jane Adler has gone legit. As an intern for SCoRI, she's getting the supervised hours she needs for her Private Investigator's License. And her first case as a real investigator proves murder is not a game.

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