Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Book Cover Reveal for "Buckhead Dead"

Well it's that time of year when I usually have a new book coming out. This year will be no exception. I am proud to present the cover and back blurb for my next book, "Buckhead Dead." Buckhead is an affluent part of Atlanta, GA. Since I live about an hour away from Atlanta it was easy to gather the information I needed to make the setting true to life - as they are in all my books. This is number one in the Skye Montgomery Cozy Mystery Series. I hope to have a least three books all together. I have another big announcement, but I will wait for my next post to tell you about it - and I'll even provide pictures. Without further ado here is the cover!


Skye Southerland and Honey Truelove have just finished an interior design job for Sylvia Landmark, one of Buckhead's most eccentric characters, and their designs are to die for. After a celebration at Sylvia's home where they reveal the new d├ęcor, including a desk with a possible link to the pirate Blackbeard, Sylvia turns up dead, leaving the ladies wondering if this desk is worth more than they bargained for. Skye and Honey are now suspects in the murder of a woman who had few friends, and plenty of enemies. In an attempt to clear their names, Skye, Honey, and Honey's loveable cousin Ginger embark on a journey to find the real killer, figure out the history behind the desk, and clear their names before they end up going to jail, or even worse, becoming the next victims! With plenty of warnings from Skye's husband Mitch, and the ruggedly handsome Detective Montaine assigned to Sylvia's case, these girls still manage to get right in the middle of the investigation, while having time to enjoy all that Georgia has to offer.
Deborah Malone's first novel "Death in Dahlonega," finaled in the American Christian Fiction Writer's Category Five writing contest! Deborah was nominated for 2012 and 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Novel category. She has worked as a freelance writer and photographer, for the historic magazine "Georgia Backroads." She has had many articles and photographs published, and her writing is featured in "Tales of the Rails," edited by Olin Jackson as well as the Christian Communicator. She is a member of Georgia Writer's Association and Advanced Writer's & Speaker's Association. As a current member of American Christian Fiction Writers she has established a blog where she reviews Christian Fiction.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

"A Cup of Cozy 3" Now Available!
And now there are three, with the first book as our free gift. So excited to announce the launch of  "A Cup of Cozy 3"  in this cozy mystery anthology series filled with short mysteries and holiday recipes.

This issue introduces Janice Hanna Thompson, a popular award-winning and well-loved author familiar to many in the Christian literary world.

Linda P. Kozar writes a story taking place in Turkey, while Cynthia Hickey's story revels in a masquerade mystery. My story "Final Performance" takes place in San Francisco when Jillian and her garden club friends attend "The Nutcracker" in the heart of downtown.

I hope you enjoy the stories as well as the yummy recipes at the end. Happy Holidays! And reviews would be simply lovely. Thank you, dear readers.

~Nancy Jill 

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New Anthology "A Cup of Cozy 3" Out Soon

Our family loves to watch Christmas movies. We look forward to the tradition of being together cuddled up by the fire, laughing at the antics of "Home Alone" or shedding a tear or two at the conclusion of "A Christmas Carol." That's how we at Cozy Mystery Magazine feel about our "A Cup of Cozy" holiday anthologies.

This year's theme for "A Cup of Cozy 3" is Destination Christmas: Short Holiday Mysteries and Recipes. Linda Kozar writes a story taking place in Turkey, and my setting is San Francisco. I'll save the other settings for a later post.

As we take time to enter the busiest time of the year, I hope we'll find time to enjoy the journey. Being with friends and family while celebrating fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is a special reminder of the abundant blessings God has poured out all year.

Cheers and Happy Holidays!

~Nancy Jill

Nancy Jill Thames was born to write mysteries. From her early days as the neighborhood story-teller to the Amazon Author Watch Bestseller List, she has always had a vivid imagination and loves to solve problems – perfect for plotting whodunits. In 2010, Nancy Jill published her first mystery Murder in Half Moon Bay, introducing her well-loved protagonist Jillian Bradley and clue-sniffing Yorkie “Teddy.”

When she isn’t plotting Jillian’s next perilous adventure, Nancy Jill travels between Texas, California, and Georgia finding new ways to spoil her grandchildren, playing classical favorites on her baby grand, or having afternoon tea with friends.
She lives with her husband in Leander, Texas, where she is a member of Leander Writers’ Guild, American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW CenTex Chapter), and Central Texas Authors.

Watch for her new story "Teddy Saves Christmas" in a holiday anthology with a special bonus issue offer to launch October 15th on all sites. Available for preorder for only $.99 at:

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