Saturday, August 25, 2012

Strands of Fate--By Linda Kozar

Strands of Fate, the first in a brand new cozy mystery series for Annie's Attic Mysteries releases TODAY in ebook format and will release as a beautifully-bound boutique style book in October.

Here's a description:

Shannon McClain is struggling to make ends meet since her husband died three years ago. A mother to 18-year-old twins, she started an online business to showcase her high-end handcrafted jewelry and knitting designs. Raised in Scotland by her father, Shannon's mother disappeared from her life when she was four, so she is surprised when a registered letter arrives at her door from an Oregon law firm representing the estate of a women she's never met--her maternal grandmother. Shannon must travel to the United States to claim the sizable portion of the estate willed to her, which includes a mansion and the family business--an arts and crafts mall in the small town of Apple Grove. But a series of sinister warnings and close calls prove that someone is knitting together a sinister plan of their own.

Strands of Fate is the first book in the new series which will feature a Who's Who of talented, multi-published authors. I received the contract with a two-month window to complete this book--a real challenge. But the characters and settings in this series are so complex and compelling, I found my fingers flying over my laptop keyboard, eagerly desiring to find out what would happen next!

I thoroughly enjoyed writing Strands of Fate. I hope you will enjoy reading it with as much enthusiasm. The best part about the Creative Woman Mystery Series is the fact that it is a series! And with a series as engaging as this, every end is a new beginning. . .

Check out the Creative Woman Mysteries page:


  1. Wow Linda - this is awesome news! You are such a mover and a shaker of luck in your new series!

    ~Nancy Jill Thames
    Author of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries
    "Queen of Afternoon Tea" Celebrity Author Interviews

  2. Thanks Nancy. I loved writing this book. It's a different sort of mystery than I've written before--and set in different countries.

  3. I noticed that - must have taken some extra research.

  4. It sure did, Nancy. And from that research, I incorporated a Europeon-style crime organization called "The Camorra" that I didn't even know existed.


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