Friday, October 26, 2012

Just Me and the Tiger

by Nancy Jill Thames


Writing cozies for you, dear readers, is such a pleasure for me. Together, we can journey to fabulous resorts, amazing restaurants and experience exciting adventures tracking down the killers! Now, some of you may wonder where our inspiration comes from. For me, inspiration comes from my neighbor's Yorkie, Romeo - cutest little dog you ever saw! And from the white tiger that sits on the floor of my office.


The tiger was a birthday gift from a friend for my 18 year-old daughter at the time. After she left for college, there wasn't room to take him along, so I keep him in my office as a reminder of her. Not only do I think of her when I look at him, I'm also reminded to keep my writing a little on the fantasy side of life. In my books, the killer is always caught, personal issues are resolved and hopefully, I've taken the reader into the lovely world of Jillian Bradley and her Yorkie, Teddy.

My desk is where I write plots, create characters and their back stories and work on my outlines. The computer chair swivels, making it easy to move back and forth from writing to checking important details like Facebook, Twitter, blogs and sales. When I've finished the outline, I move to write each chapter, sitting in a recliner by the front window. Occasionally, throughout the day, my husband comes in and sits with me whenever he needs a break. He works at home, too, and has his office directly in back of mine. We share a wall. Isn't that romantic?

The recliner is where I edit and create blog posts for "Queen of Afternoon Tea" Celebrity Author Interviews, Cozy Mystery Author, Nancy Jill Thames blog, and Cozy Mystery Magazine blog, like I'm writing right now.



 So there you have it! Thanks for joining me in my office. The only thing that would make it better is if you were really paying me a visit and I could offer you a nice cup of tea! Well, I suppose the next best thing would be to read my books and enjoy the life and times of Jillian Bradley. I'll be thinking of you!

See you next week on Cozy Mystery Magazine! Don't forget to visit the Cozy Kitchen and try some of the yummy recipes posted this week.

~Nancy Jill

Nancy Jill Thames is the author of the Jillian Bradley Mysteries - stories often set in exclusive hotels and resorts, based on real life travel adventures with her husband of 44 years. Her mysteries incorporate her love of afternoon tea, which has earned her the title of “Queen of Afternoon Tea.” She holds a music degree from UT Austin and lives in Leander, Texas where she is a member of the Leander Writers Guild. She has won awards for her blogs, a pie contest for her Chocolate Chip Cream Pie, and has been on the Author Watch Bestseller List numerous times. Nancy Jill is busy working on book 6 Waiting for Santa, a murder mystery taking place on Christmas Eve near Jillian Bradley’s home in Clover Hills.

To check out her books, Murder in Half Moon Bay, The Ghost Orchid Murder, From the Clutches of Evil, The Mark of Eden, and Pacific Beach, please visit the Cozy Book Store and her blogs: 


  1. Nancy, thanks for giving us a peek into your world! I love to see how others write and next week will post my first "Extreme Writing" picture. Love your little "Romeo!"

  2. Nancy,

    My goodness, your office is neat. And so cozy!

    1. Thanks, Patricia. Why don't you join me for tea and let me do an interview? I'd love to sit and chat! Let me know when you have a few moments and I'll send you the questionnaire. Thanks for joining us today on the magazine!It's an honor to have you.

      ~Nancy Jill

  3. Loved it Nancy. Now I'm waiting to see the other gals writing corners.
    Deborah Malone
    "Death in Dahlonega"

    1. I'm enjoying seeing the cozy corners, too. So far, Linda Kozar posted a picture of her cozy desk/work area, and so have you and I. Please pet Pepe for me and tell him Romeo (Teddy) says hello. Have a nice weekend!

      ~Nancy Jill Thames
      The Jillan Bradley Mysteries


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