Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving--by Linda Kozar

 Thanksgiving may look easy and effortless, but let's face it, putting on a successful feast is nothing less than a production.

Today I'm going to talk about setting the mood.

Decorating, though moderate, is an important aspect of the Thanksgiving table and home.

To the left is a "Mondo" pumpkin I bought at Sam's Club at the beginning of October. Pumpkins will last for a loooong loooong time. You can decorate them to last through autumn and winter. One time we threw our pumpkin in an old seed bed and though it first rotted, we were amazed to find a pumpkin patch sprouting up. Huge leaves and vine tendrils soon overran the bed. We loved it. So think about where you're going to deposit that beloved pumpkin. Chances are very good it will sprout where ever you put it.

 Table decorations include candles and kitsch. Always buy unscented candles for the table. The savory waftings of food should never compete with artificial candle scents. Layer your table with contrasting cloths, small votives, seasonal fruits and vegetables you plan to use later, and an assortment of nuts for guests to crack and eat at their leisure after the main meal. Be sure to leave nutcrackers out.

I like to store all my seasonal items in one big plastic container so it's handy and accessible. If you store your box up in the attic, it's pretty easy to talk yourself out of decorating...

And let's not forget the mantle. I decorate my mantle for every season, usually with my own art and various objects (tchotchkes) I collect from antique stores and resale shops. The painting above actually belongs to my sister. I'm trying to think of an economical way to ship it to her.

Hope these little tips help. Most of all I wish you all a blessed time with family, friends and food. Don't forget to give thanks to the Lord through whom ALL our blessings come.



  1. Fabulous tips Linda! Thanks. :) As I start my second decade of marriage I find I am transitioning from a make-do, hand-me-down, family to a make-traditions-and-memories family. (Still use plenty of hand-me-downs though!) Tips like these are great for helping me put the house together for the holiday.

  2. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Traci!


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