Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The See-Through Author

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It's a cat! In a window!
I'm on a transparency kick.

This will be my third post this week on the theme of letting others in on the secrets.

When I first stepped into the shallow-end of the writing-pool I was very fortunate to find a whole passel of great writers ready and willing to share everything they knew and were learning. I try to be like them--honest, helpful, friendly. I wrote a page on my blog called, "Sure, I'll tell you everything I know about publishing." I could talk about writing and publishing for weeks on end, so having one spot to store all of that info seemed like a good thing.

I think the transparency kick actually started when I was putting together my Production Notes post here at CMM. But whatever started it, I have now joined the voices that share openly about the work, expense, profit, and more work, that it takes to make it in the publishing industry.

But where do I start? With my tax return?
I may not be ready for that much openness just yet.
So I'll share a little more about the "work." Namely, the marketing work.

free ebook
I think free books are great marketing. Especially when the free book is at the beginning of the series. When I give away free books I always see an uptick in my paid sales. To that end, I want to make the first book in my Mitzy Neuhaus series permanently free.

Right now you can grab a free copy of Foreclosed at iTunes, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords, and Kobo is coming soon.

Supposedly, as if by magic, Amazon will price match it, and then everyone, everywhere can read the first Mitzy adventure, have a laugh, and then go buy the rest.

However (and this is more real life transparency!) I have the terrible feeling they aren't going to do it. I tried to do this same thing about 18 months ago and they just never price matched it. Will they this time? Maybe? I hope so! Either way, feel free to grab a copy from one of the other fine retailers (Smashwords has versions that play on the kindle.)

And, in the spirit of sharing, I will let you know as soon as Amazon matches it. I will also let you know if this has a positive impact on my sales! (And, I will add that sometimes Amazon price-matches faster if readers report that they've seen a lower priced version on another sales site.)


  1. Traci, you're lucky the cat only pressed the blind down to see out. Our daughter's cat actually chewed a square off the blind to make a permanent viewing hole. Thanks for sharing your journey. I know many of us (myself included) are on the same one.

    Blessings on your day, my friend!

    ~Nancy Jill

  2. :) Confession: That's not my cat, or my window. It just seemed like a good image for being open. lol.

    We are on the same journey. Your output just amazes me. I wish I had been working as hard as you have been working to write books! I would love to hear about your writing schedule.

    Until recently, I was focused on content for readers--blogging things that would interested readers more than writers. It just hit me recently that readers might actually like to know some of the behind the scenes stuff! If they don't, I'll know soon enough. ;)

    1. After two and a half years publishing books, I finally figured out I get more writing done (2100 wds a day) if I do social networking in the am, and chores at night. I write for three hours after lunch, 700 wds per hr then a teeny break. That way, things I have to get done are off my mind and I feel free to write. I begin in seven minutes!

      ~Nancy Jill
      P.S. The dog in my author photo belongs to my neighbor!

  3. lol! I love that you borrowed a dog for your picture. :)

    That is a fabulous schedule! Well done to you for figuring out something that works so well!

  4. I have to work writing around my day job. There's that whole eating and needing a roof over head my thing, and God has not yet giving me the gift of starving for my art. The thing is I like to write so much. Besides The Great Scarecrow Invasion, which is coming out in Spring "I have spoken", and Lady Midnight, now I've got another project I'm working just because I like the idea and it's Fun!
    Either this is God's Will or I am seriously disturbed. I'm leaning towards disturbed.
    Oh by the way Traci, no movement on the price on Amazon I am watching!

  5. Thanks for watching! I just don't know if they will do it...these things aren't guaranteed. I'd just love so much to have it for free!

    I know how you feel about the ideas comin'! I was driving home today and a new idea came into my head--one I'd love to play with--even though I have two WIP's already going, lol!

    1. When did having too many ideas every stop us?


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