Thursday, June 27, 2013

At Last...My Book is Completed!

Finished and Published!
The Great Scarecrow Invasion is now On Sale.
My launch plans are still a bit delayed, not my fault, Really!
Seeing as this is the first time I am trying to do a launch it's just taking some time to get everything into place. Sorry I'm kind of on a learning curve here. Hopefully next week, but I decided to go ahead and get it published because it needed to be done. It was way delayed. Anyway, there are some pesky scarecrows up to no good and a diabolical corn maze involved. Also the Secretary's plans are finally revealed! And it's good. What are they? Sorry, you've got to buy the book to find out.
It's for sale on Smashwords, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Kobo is coming soon. Oh by the way, I did crack the code on Kobo after all, and all of my books (except Scarecrow) were approved for the Premium Catalogue on Smashwords!
Anyway, my giveaway is The Mystery of Hurtleberry House, all nicely reformatted. That's right it is now Free! Just as soon as it gets out to all the publishing sites from Smashwords. That's part of my launch, which isn't working as smoothly as I hoped. But does anything ever work out smoothly for me? I think not. However, you can download it for free at Smashwords if you like.
I do have a new tab on my blog called "A Writer's Got To Eat - Cooking For One". All that's there right now is the stew recipe, but I figure I'll post one a month. Next month is a black bean soup I stumbled on when I made a mess of something else. I make up the best recipes that way. Now I know I'm not as good a cook as some on this blog (yes Dionne I am looking at you), but this soup is really, really good. By the way, I bought all of her books in this series. They are very good. Go for the giveaway.
So while I figure out all of the marketing for Scarecrow (any suggestions would be greatly appreciated) I am working on my first novella outside The Reboot Files Series, Chasing Lady Midnight. That's right, I said novella. Which will be for sale. Why the change? Well I figured out how to make it into a Cozy Mystery, so it's not going to be exactly like the free post. There will be a lot more to it.
What's that you say? A Cozy Mystery? With superheroes?
Do I dare?
Oh yes, I dare.
But more on that another day.
See you next week!
Mystery writer C.L. Ragsdale is the author of The Reboot Files a Christian Mystery Series. A California native, she loves to "surf" the web to research plot details for her fun, quirky stories. She has a degree in Theatre Arts which greatly influenced her writing style. Working in various fields as a secretary has allowed her to both master her writing skills and acquire valuable technical knowledge which she uses liberally in her plots. She is an enthusiastic (if not always patient) knitter and is a big fan of the old Scooby Doo cartoons. Current E-Books THE REBOOT FILES: The Mystery of Hurtleberry House, The Island of Living Trees, The Harbinger of Retribution, and The Wrong Ghost.
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  1. What great news! I just grabbed a copy and am dying to find out what the secretary (and those scarecrows!) are up to!


  2. Adding it to my wish list.

    ~Nancy Jill

  3. Cindy, I hope you do dare! A Cozy Mystery is next on your list!

  4. Hey everyone thank you for the encouragement. I won't kid you, it was a tough year and I had some issues getting this one out the door. At one point I had to do a rewrite because the book was just so depressing, and I don't do depressing! Anyway, I think it turned out really well, but of course I would say that.
    As for Chasing Lady Midnight, it will be a cozy, but not a murder mystery. I just can't seem into get into the whole dead body thing. But God struck we with the most brilliant idea for the plot to bring it all together. And who am I to argue with God? I'm looking at Fall of this year for the cozy with the supers!


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