Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Plain Jane's Dirty Little Murder!

When we last saw Jane Adler she had managed to just barely escape being kicked out of Bible School, and there was a young man in her life she wanted to see quite a bit more of. (And another young man she was glad to see the back of!) She had solved her first murder (and likely hoped it would be the last!)

But things aren't easy for stubborn young women with lofty ambitions!

A year after Good, Clean Murder we find Jane cleaning houses and enjoying a relaxing summer. Her boyfriend (is it Isaac or Jake? You must read to find out!) is out of town for the summer, the only flaw in an otherwise perfect break.

The great news is that her church has included her in a group of future missionaries they are interested in supporting.

The bad news is she finds another dead body.

What ought to have been a summer of saving up money, impressing her church, and mooning over her long distance boyfriend becomes a haywire adventure filled with competitive future missionaries, boy troubles, and very jealous wives and widows.

If Jane can't clean this mess up quick she might just crack under the pressure!

For a brief period Good Clean Murder and Dirty Little Murder will be exclusive at Amazon! If you're a prime member, you can read them for free!


  1. Congratulations on your new book! Looks like a hit!

    ~Nancy Jill

  2. Love those covers, girl! And Congratulations too!

  3. Thanks Ladies! I didn't get a chance to respond because I was in ...DISNEYLAND! last week. :) It was the best week in a long time, and well needed after a very sad month at our house. (Two uncles passed unexpectedly this summer.) Thank you for your congrats. It feels so good to release a new mystery into the world!


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