Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Woolly Weegie The Way My Daddy Told It...Mostly

Now that The Woolly Weegie is with the Beta Readers I decided to share with you the original tale the way my Dad told it. Mostly. Okay it's been Cindyfied a bit, okay a lot, but Dad tended to vary it himself so I'm sure he would approve.

Yes the story will be included in the book, but I thought I would share a sneak peak. Prepare to be horrified! Or just entertained, whatever. So here it is, The original Woolly Weegie as told by B.W. Ragsdale. Enjoy...

One full moon night in the deep, dark woods…
“Will you stop,” the boy just shy of his 13th birthday grouched at his sister, “Why are you such a scardey tonight?”
 His sister, who had just turned 10 bit her lip, looking around the small cabin as if she saw danger everywhere.
“I can’t help it, there are noises.”
“It’s the woods, there are always noises. Raccoons, foxes, rats, even a bear on occasion. You should be used to it.”
“It’s different when Mama and Papa are here. I wish they hadn’t gone.”
The boy snorted impatiently. Truth be told he hadn’t exactly been happy himself to be left in the middle of nowhere with only his young sister for company. Also, there was a lot noise outside in the dark, and with only one loan light source it was unnerving.
But he wasn’t going to admit he was nervous. Not to his baby sister.
So he snapped, “Daddy had to take Mama to Laura Crabtree’s place because she was ailing. He thought he would be back before dark, but didn’t want to chance it with us along. He thought it would safer if we stayed here secured in the cabin. That wheel that broke last week must have given him…what was that?’
“Don’t scare me.”
“Shh,” the boy admonished.
Immediately his sister lowered her voice and asked, “What’s wrong? I don’t hear anything.”
“That’s what I mean. It’s quiet and it shouldn’t be. It’s like everything ran away, but why?”
The boy looked at the heavy wooden door and started towards it. His sister grabbed for him and held tightly to his arm shaking her head vehemently as she knew what he planned. Her brother released himself from her grip, and as she opened her mouth to protest he put his finger to his lips to shush her.
His sister obeyed, but she didn’t like it. Not one bit.
The boy walked towards the door and looked at it as if seeking reassurance. It was made of heavy wood with iron hinges keeping it in place. It should offer maximum protection, so why was he afraid it would not be good enough?
He put his ear to the portal but still heard nothing. Finally he squatted down and looked through the keyhole. For a moment he saw only darkness. Just as he was about to pull away, IT suddenly appeared!
The one-red eye of The Woolly Weegie!
The boy sprang back but knew he was too late. He had been seen and nothing would keep the monster out now. He and his sister were doomed!
The two children clung together as the thing began pounding on the door with ever increasing force. They watched helplessly as the heavy nails holding the door hinges in place began to come away from the wall.
They should have run and hid, but in the one room log cabin there was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. The door was the only way in or out.
Inevitably, the door fell forward, and the rushing air caused the loan candle flame to blow out. From the brightness of the full moon the children could see the huge hulking form which filled the doorway blocking their only hope of escape.
In a vain attempt to protect his sister the boy thrust her behind him, but it would all be for naught. The Woolly Weegie’s one red eye glowed in the darkness, and it looked directly at the children. There would be no mercy and no escape.
The monster lumbered forward and reach out towards the children with huge clawed hands.
The little girl screamed…

 (Cliffhanger Intentional)

Don't worry, I'll tell the way my Dad ended it. Eventually. If you are interested that is...


  1. Very creepy! Like the stories the kids used to tell at camp around the fire.

  2. I'm thinking a large ram with a thorn in it's foot. Am I warm? Got my attention for sure!


    ~Nancy Jill

  3. Okay, now I'm on the edge of my seat--or is it a cliff? Hehe--thanks Cindy!!!

  4. I'm so excited for this book!!! :D I adore the reboot series!

  5. I just loved your picture on facebook!

    1. I'm glad you liked the picture Deborah, I tried to find one that had us at the age Dad started telling us this story. Don't worry we weren't traumatized for life. I'm glad you all liked the story I just hope the books is an honor to my Daddy's legacy. Also I don't want to be kicked out of the family. We take our Woolly Weegie very seriously.


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