Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Notes from a Conference First-Timer

In just about 15 days, I'll be going to the ACFW national conference for the first time.

I've already blogged about my worries (spilling water all over Chip MacGregor) and my goals (not spilling water all over Chip MacGregor.)

But what am I doing to do to assure I achieve my goals?

This should help with one goal at least...
For one thing, I bought a spiral notebook to take notes in, because the classes I signed up for are GOOD. I am thrilled to get to scribble madly trying to absorb everything the experts have to say. Plus, the notebook has a Where's Waldo cover which should be an awesome conversation starter if I find myself with nothing to talk about (ha ha ha ha ha! Like that would ever happen!)

Another thing I am doing is working like mad to make sure I have two completed manuscripts done by then. There is something about showing up with a finished, unpublished book that makes me feel like I will be getting the full experience. I have been to one day events in the past, but never with a finished, unpublished book.
I made agent and publisher appointments because I want to have that experience, but even if they did want the books (it's not like they don't have plenty to chose from!) I don't know that I would sell them. I'm kind of attached, and really, really want to have the first three Tillgiven books for sale by the New Year. (Oct 1, Nov. 1 and Jan. 1, respectively.) But it will take a lot of work to get there, with or without conference. (Side note: I hope to have Plain Jane 5, A Spoiled Rotten Murder done this winter as well.)

That said, I'm reminded suddenly that I only have FIFTEEN days from this moment to finish Tillgiven 2 before conference, so off I go to write! Next time I'm here, I'll be back from conference and can tell you all about it!


  1. This sounds like a blast, Traci. Hope you have fun and pick up lots of great info.

  2. Traci--I know you're going to have a blast! Your head will be swimming with information. Wish I could be there too. Next year...

    1. Good thing I love takin' notes! :D It should be good learning. After arranging child care and putting all the plans in place, I don't know that the family will be up for me going again any time soon, so I'm going to have to make the most of this one!

  3. Thanks, Beth. I hope so too... :D

  4. Awesome opportunity - wishing you best success with your manuscripts!

    ~Nancy Jill

  5. Thanks! One book is in the hatch (that is to say, with the proofreaders!) the other one may only be about half done, but that's not bad, all things considered. It won't take much to finish it after conference, AND it will be a better book because I will learn so much while I'm there!

  6. Wish I was going with you. Hope you have a wonderful time and don't spill anything on anyone:)