Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Get Ready, It's October...

Hey it's October, and you know that means. The Creepy Birds Are Attacking!
Well, not yet, although they are plotting as we speak with their allies The Creepy Trees!
They always save their really creepy stuff for October. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Then again, no one ever listens to me.
So, since you chose to willfully ignore my dire warnings let us move on.
As you know The Reboot Files ended it's first season.I know, I said I was going to end the series, but but God gave me this idea and...well when God gives you an idea you don't argue. If you're smart. Less hassle that way.
So just to wet your appetite, I'm leading into the new season with a short story included in A Cup of Cozy 2, where my friends and I from the Cozy Mystery Magazine will band together to create another set of heartwarming Holiday Short Stories, Holiday Menus and Recipes.
I got Thanksgiving. That's a horror story in itself.
Right, the non-cook volunteered to do Thanksgiving. Get Nancy Jill and Linda to tell how they had talk me down when they told me I had to come up with a holiday menu. It was hilarious.
So why did I chose the biggest meal holiday, ever? Well it sounded like a good idea at the time.
Okay, it was my mother's favorite holiday. Strange since she did all the cooking, but then she liked to cook and she was good at it.
Sentimentalism, it'll get you every time.
So what heartwarming holdiay tale did I come up with for Irene and Troy?
It's called Irene vs The Giant Turkey!
Not really, although there is a really big bird in it, and it doesn't want to know how to get to Sesame Street, and apparently has a taste for little dogs. (Better hide Teddy, Nancy Jill, this bird is bitter about the whole Thanksgiving thing).
It's actually called Thanksgiving Rebooted.
So what's for dinner? It will be traditional, sort of.
This is me folks, I don't do normal.
Oh and also I'm in the process of posting all of The Reboot Files and Chasing Lady Midnight on several new websites starting with Lulu and Payhip. Other locations and links will be coming soon.
Everyone one have a Happy October!

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