Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Marvelous Mystery Titles--By Linda Kozar

Every cozy mystery writer knows that a clever title is mandatory. Inherent to the genre. Necessary. And--fun. I've assembled an odd bunch for your viewing pleasure, for no other reason other than they tickled my fancy.

I have to say that so far, I'm happy with own my cozy titles as well. Misfortune CookiesA Tisket, A CasketDead As A DoornailThat Wasn't Chicken. And Felony Fruitcake. I put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right title for each and every book. Right now I'm working on more books in the series, and choosing the titles is as important to me as choosing the right book covers.

What's your favorite ODD cozy mystery title? Comment below! I can't wait to read yours!

For a treasure trove of terribly terrific titles, go to my Pinterest page.

Read Two Left Feet, a funny story about learning how to dance with my dad.

Get a SNEAK PEEK at the book cover for my upcoming release!

And listen to the Along Came A Writer Radio Show (formerly Gate Beautiful). We're Christian authors interviewing four or more guests in our two-hour show--authors, screenwriters, agents, editors, and other publishing industry professionals. Find out how they got started in the biz. Learn useful writing hacks and tips, trends, industry news. And LOL at our funny rapid-fire questions at the end of each interview. Click the link below to listen to this month's show.

Along Came A Writer Radio Show

Linda Kozar ( and ( writes both fiction and nonfiction titles, but is well known for her cozy mysteries. She founded and serves on the board of The Woodlands, Texas ACFW chapter, blogs regularly on Cozy Mystery Magazine and is the lead host on the Along Came A Writer radio show. She and her husband live in The Woodlands, Texas and enjoy spending time with their two grown daughters.


  1. Oh, the book cover for Food Baby is cute! :)

  2. I checked out your new book - sounds hilarious! You're amazing, Linda!


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