Friday, May 29, 2015

Looking for Giftcard Winner Sarah Lehan

Hey Sarah Lehan!
We're excited to let you know that you won the $200! If you follow the blog, you may have seen that the original raffle winner did not claim his prize. We allowed over a month for him to get in touch with us, via the blog, facebook, or email. Since he did not, and no one was able to track him down, we had Rafflecopter draw a new winner, and you are it!
Please reply with the email we should use to send you your $200 gift card! (I know the other authors are dying for me to send the money on...and so am I. It's too tempting to have it sitting in my Paypal!)
Traci Tyne HIlton

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  1. Congratulations to Sarah! If she doesn't claim it and I hope she will, I'll. take it.
    Janet E.


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