Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spoiled Rotten Murder

Poor Jane.

So many readers took a side in the little love triangle of Jane and Isaac and Jake that when Jane finally realized where her heart was (in Bright New Murder) I couldn't just abandon Isaac! Readers loved him. And anyway, I had drawn inspiration for his character from my own dear husband (warts and all, poor, Daniel.) And I love the guy, too, so in the last year, we have taken a detour from Jane's adventures to follow Isaac overseas to a new job and a new romance in the Tillgiven Romantic Mysteries.

But, if you happened to pick up our blog's short story collection, you got a little taste of fun for Jane--a taste that is very important! So if you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend
A Cup of Cozy 2. Jane's story in that book is a series must read! And you must read it now, because Spoiled Rotten Murder, the fifth Plain Jane is finally live in ebook and paperback!

A missing groom, a dead gamer, and a woman who had the nerve to design a popular video game. A case of possible insurance fraud turns into a bloody mess for Jane Adler and her new boss at the Senior Corps of Retired Investigators.

But the good news is Jane Adler has gone legit. As an intern for SCoRI, she's getting the supervised hours she needs for her Private Investigator's License. And her first case as a real investigator proves murder is not a game.

Spoiled Rotten Murder is just 99 cents for a limited time!

*clears throat and prepares TV announcer voice*

But that's not all!

Also for a limited time, you can get five mysteries for just 99 cents in the Dying to Read collection...a library of cozy mysteries, (featuring the first Tillgiven Romantic Mystery, Hard to Find)...

But there's more!

Speaking of romance, you can pick up a copy of Hearts to God, my own Western romance in Love Out West, a collection of four Western romances--all for just 99 cents!

You're probably thinking, "That's an obnoxious announcer voice" and "That's a lot of links to click."

*clears throat and puts down coffee. Talks in normal voice again*

I apologize. That was an obnoxious voice. And it is kind of a lot of links. On the other hand... it's ten novels for less than three dollars!

And you can make it 11 novels for less than three dollars by clicking one more

If you click that one, and sign up for my newsletter, you get a free copy of Dark and Stormy, the second Tillgiven Romantic Mystery!

Happy Reading!

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