Friday, September 11, 2015

Cozy as Baby Blankie

Can you find the baby? :D
I left my job when I had my first baby. I was pretty lucky to get to stay at home with my Norah, but also, it was a part time retail, so it wasn't like I could afford daycare anyway!

Around that same time, my friends were all having babies, too. I had a blast making baby quilts for as many of them as I could! Sometimes I was pretty broke and had to shop my mom's fabric stash, and the early blankets were far simpler than the later ones. But each one was a labor of love for a baby I was so excited to meet!
(The striped squares are puppy themed, and the back is puppy fabric.)

My sister in law had a baby this year, and for the first time, I found it difficult to find time to sew! I love this new nephew every bit as much as all of the others, but between driving the kids to band camp, writing and publishing Spoiled Rotten Murder, and prepping for the class I will be teaching at ACFW in Dallas....I just didn't have time!

I saw the writing on the wall early though, and decided to involve the family so that this blanket, even though it would have to be simpler in construction, could have just as much hand made love. I found some fantastic comic book print fabric and had my girls draw super hero themed squares to go with it! I also embroidered a Superman for the center square.

It's big, it's blocky, and doggone it, I even managed to not get a couple of corners matched up. (I had one job!) But it's also fluffy, bright, and something we all worked on together. I have to mail to the nephew, since he lives far, far away, but I am so happy to be able to welcome him into the world with a little bit of hand made love!

I can't share a picture of the whole thing yet, since my sister in law hasn't seen it, but I CAN share all of these mystery novels for just 99 cents! Dying to Read: A Library of Killer Cozies

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