Saturday, July 21, 2012


A free gift for you this weekend ($3.99 value)! Murders, mysteries and new character on the scene - meet Daisy Larsen - a bustling plant lady who gets embroiled with Jillian, Teddy and the rest of the gang in 

Nancy Jill Thames is the author of "Jillian Bradley Mysteries," a series often set in exclusive hotels and resorts, based on real life travel adventures with her husband of 44 years. Her mysteries incorporate her love of afternoon tea, which has earned her the title of “Queen of Afternoon Tea.”

She holds a music degree from UT Austin and lives in Leander, Texas where she is a member of the Leander Writers Guild.

Nancy Jill is busy working on book 6 Waiting for Santa, a murder mystery taking place on Christmas Eve near Jillian Bradley’s home in Clover Hills.

She has won awards for her blogs, a pie contest for her Chip Chocolate Cream Pie, and has been on the Author Watch Bestseller List numerous times.

To check out her books, Murder in Half Moon Bay, The Ghost Orchid Murder, From the Clutches of Evil, The Mark of Eden, and Pacific Beach, please visit our COZY BOOK STORE or at the following links: 


  1. Can't wait to read it, nancy.

    Debbie Malone
    "Death in Dahlonega"

  2. Hi Nancy.

    I got it and am currently reading it.

    More later...

  3. Thanks C.L.! I read all four of your Reboot series and thought they were very entertaining.