Friday, July 6, 2012

"The Reboot Series" - Fun Reads - Banana Pudding Recipe Included

by Nancy Jill Thames

 After a hiatus from reading, getting my latest book "Pacific Beach" launched, I decided to read my fellow Cozy Mystery Magazine author's books. C.L. Ragsdale came up first after reading one of her posts. I just finished book 2 "The Mystery of Hurtleberry House" after reading book 4 "The Wrong Ghost" and just ordered book 3 "The Island of Living Trees." Such fun cozy ghost stories! And behind the adventures of Irene Walters, reporter, and her cameraman, Troy Stenson, is a sinister sub-plot that I can't wait to uncover. The way C. L. weaves her Christianity through her stories is inspiring - ways we Christians can learn to use in our everyday lives as well.

When I was on the last two chapters of "The Mystery of Hurtleberry House," I got so caught up in the story that I wound up eating three bags of Southwest Airlines peanuts and a whole bag of popcorn. There was butter all over the sides of my Kindle as I clicked forward the pages and came to the end. Talk about a cliff hanger - I kept clicking the Kindle wanting to read more but sadly, it was the end. That's when I ordered book 3. Now I'm really hungry! Thanks C. L. for the fun reads. Keep 'em coming! You can buy these books in our Cozy Book Store for only $.99 - so check them out.

Nancy Jill's Banana Pudding

We authors work hard at our craft and often need a little something satisfying to eat, like creamy, smooth and delicious Banana Pudding. When it comes to taste tests, I'm somewhat of a snob. I care that my recipes are the sweetest, richest, and most memorable recipes my family will ever know. This recipe comes from Allene Hafner, one of The Triple L Cooks of The First Baptist Church Tyler, Texas. Thanks Allene for this excellent recipe! Just head on over to the Cozy Kitchen for the recipe. Happy reading, Cozy Lovers!

"Queen of Afternoon Tea"
Nancy Jill Thames is the author of The Jillian Bradley Mystery Series based on her life experiences of traveling with her husband, staying in exclusive hotels and resorts. She loves serving afternoon tea and is known as Queen of Afternoon Tea. Writing is her latest creative outlet, along with playing classical piano. She holds a music degree from UT Austin and lives with her husband in Leander, Texas. She is a member of The Leander Writers Guild.

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  1. This is too funny Nancy. I can just see your greasy Kindle. LOL I'll have to read Cindy's books.
    I love banana pudding. Brings back childhood memories!
    Debbie Malone
    "Death in Dahlonega"

  2. Thank You so much. I really do appreciate this. Especially the comments about including my faith. That is my real motivation, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an entertaining way. If I've accomplished that I know I have found the Lord's Will for my life. Thank you again.