Thursday, September 20, 2012

You Know Miss Marple Never Had These Problems

Oh this is going to get ugly
Keeping on the theme this week of linking mysteries with food I thought I would put in my two cents worth. Seems to me that a lot of us here have single women as our detectives, but all the recipes seem to be for a large number of people. So my question is anybody got any ideas for one person? I’ll even go for two, I can do leftovers.
Okay I’m going to admit to something here, I am a spinster. What is that you ask? Well basically it’s a woman of a certain age who has never been married. Never mind what age, remember I’m into the Great-Aunt category. Now my Mom used the term Old Maid, but she was married with kids so she doesn’t get a vote. Also I’m somewhat cooking challenged. I understand the mechanics, but I’m not in love with the process. I’m also not creative in the kitchen, not a good result when I try, so basic works best.
Now why am I asking this question? Well it seems that recipes and one person do not go together very often.
Think I’m exaggerating? Take a look at most recipes and notice that a serving of four is about as low as you can go. You could try to cut the recipe down, which can be problematic. Ever try to half an egg?  Of course there’s always freezing, which is a great idea except after a couple of recipes you’re out of storage dishes and freezer space, not to mention eating the same thing over and over for a few nights. 
Fresh fruits and vegetables can also be a problem because if you don’t have a specific plan in mind they go bad real fast and wasting money is something no one can cannot afford to do.  I recognize meal planning is required here, but again you run across the storage problem.
So eating healthy for one person can be a challenge, something I am definitely including in my books seeing that my two main characters are single and all. Okay, okay I admit it. This post has two purposes, one for plots, but more importantly because I like to eat and eating out is expensive.
I know Miss Marple never had these troubles, but then she always had a maid.
That's fiction for you.

Mystery writer C.L. Ragsdale is the author of The Reboot Files a Christian Mystery Series. A California native, she loves to "surf" the web to research plot details for her fun, quirky stories with just a bit of whopper in them. She has a degree in Theatre Arts which greatly influenced her writing style. Working in various fields as a secretary has allowed her to both master her writing skills and acquire valuable technical knowledge which she uses liberally in her plots. She loves to embroider and knit and is a big fan of the old Scooby Doo cartoons.
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  1. If it's any comfort, I feel like we eat the same things day in and day out...the problem of buying in bulk to save money! : )

  2. Had a great cookbook once called Dinner for Two - don't see any around like that. For my mom who lives alone, I get a rotisserie chicken and a meatloaf and freeze individual portions for main dishes. Add veggies & a starch & voila! Another tip is Meat from Omaha Steaks during their specials at Christmas.

    ~Nancy Jill

  3. Love the post as usual. I'm not a spinster, but I am single. It is hard to cook for one and I'd just as soon eat out or maybe a sandwhich or soup rather than cook!
    Deborah Malone
    "Death in Dahlonega"

  4. And do we really need all that food?

    ~Nancy Jill


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