Thursday, January 3, 2013

2012 - It Was An Up And Down Kind Of Year

So 2012 has come and gone and if no one else is going to say it, I am.


I admit, I may be a little biased on this subject. After all my mother did pass on this year, and that does tend to color your perception just a bit.. 

So wanting to be fair, kind of, here are some of the Ups and Downs of 2012.

Facebook went public, people got rich.

For about 2 seconds

We had the London Olympics.

And it only cost about $17 billion dollars. That’s one estimate, it’s probably a lot more.

We had a presidential election. It’s an up, remember not everybody in the world gets to do it.

It was the most expensive, and dirtiest, presidential campaign ever.

The New York Stock Exchange had a resurgence.

A lady name Sandy came to visit and left a huge bill in both dollars and human lives.

Some governments, not ours, got serious about getting themselves out of the mountain of debt they had gotten themselves into.

People protested, because no one wants to give up any or the goodies they are going into debt for!

That's a few, and I'm sure you have your own Up and Down 2012 list. I also know I’m leaving out a lot of the worst stuff. That’s purposeful on my part. But then I’m probably leaving out a lot of the good as well. 

Anyway it’s a new year, so in the words of Charles Dickens…


Because we're going to need Him. But then don't we always?

Mystery writer C.L. Ragsdale is the author of The Reboot Files a Christian Mystery Series. A California native, she loves to "surf" the web to research plot details for her fun, quirky stories with just a bit of whopper in them. She has a degree in Theatre Arts which greatly influenced her writing style. Working in various fields as a secretary has allowed her to both master her writing skills and acquire valuable technical knowledge which she uses liberally in her plots. She loves to embroider and knit and is a big fan of the old Scooby Doo cartoons.
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  1. I agree, Cindy - 2012 was an up and down year. I'm praying 2013 will be better for everyone, but like you infer, it's outcome will depend on what God has planned for us and how much we're willing to let Him lead.

    Onward and upward (if you get my drift)!

    ~Nancy Jill