Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chasing Lady Midnight - Chapter 1

 By C.L. Ragsdale

As promised (or threatened take your pick) here is Chapter 1 of my superhero story called Chasing Lady Midnight. Hope you like it.

Chapter 1 - Some Have Greatness Thrust Upon Them – Whether They Like It Or Not

Look, I understand the whole concept of sibling rivalry, but when your superpowered baby sister wants to clean your clock I call that a bit extreme.
Not that she knows it’s me she’s trying to blast to kingdom come, and who can blame her? I am wearing a mask and my hair and eyes are the wrong color. Also her older sister (she always stresses the “older” part) is not supposed to have superpowers. It’s a long story, which I would be happy to relate in detail, except just at the moment I’m too busy running, trying not to get blasted again and figure out what to do next.
My sister (superhero handle Protostar) is flying, which is not the advantage you would think in a busy city street during morning rush hour. Now I can’t fly, but if I could get a minute to think I could use the shadows to make an escape. But that’s not as easy as it sounds….again long story I do not have time to go into right now.
I’ll get back to it, if I live that long.
At first I was a bit shocked that Protostar (man that’s a dumb name) sucker punched me the way she did starting this whole chase. It is just not the type of behavior you would expect from the heir apparent to the title of America’s Sweetheart of Superheroes.
Isn’t there some super rule discouraging attacking from behind when the attackee hasn’t done anything wrong? Especially seeing how she’s a member of The Protection Platoon, one of many the junior divisions of the supposedly squeaky clean Mighty Superhero Security Squad.
The names just keep getting worse so get used to it.
Makes you wonder what they’re teaching her in that fancy superhero school she attends. But why am I asking silly questions? I do know, and I can tell you it’s not all Truth, Justice and The American Way.
But back to the chase.
I’m sure my sister and her teammates have a plan for the new unknown costumed supergirl on the block which I think I’ve figured out. I’m just not sure if it that will do me any good.
I’ve noticed that Protostar is now aiming her shots wide, thus missing civilians, who are all sensibly running for cover, and minimizing property damage. It also keeps me going forward, driving me somewhere, I think, not so in the public eye. Although how they think they’re going to lose the media who are hot on our tails is a mystery. Where do those guys come from anyway? You’d think they had superpowers.
That is a scary thought.
Anyway, I figure once Protostar and her crew get me where they want me there is an ambush in my immediate future to neutralize and take me into custody on some pretext or another. None of which sounds particularly appealing and I hope to avoid it.
To accomplish that I’m going to have to stop and fight which means coming up with my own plan, on the spot, against at least three superheroes, one of them my own sister, not hurt anybody and make a clean getaway.
No problem.
I guess you’re wondering if  I’m not a supervillain, which I’m not, how did I get on the wrong side of all these superheroes?
Well this is what happens when you don’t join the union.


  1. I'm hooked - I can see the whole thing, Cindy! Bravo. Looking forward to Chapter 2!

    ~Nancy Jill