Thursday, April 25, 2013

Cover Reveal


Here it is the cover for The Great Scarecrow Invasion.
Pretty Nifty Huh? Kudos to Traci Tyne Hilton yet again.
Okay, so what's the book about? Well here's the description:
"When their latest assignment is debunked before Irene’s Eerie Adventures can even get there, Irene Waters and Troy Stenson decide to help out an old friend from Hurtleberry House, Bob Cullens. Bob has been sidetracked from retirement and has taken a job to finish up an elaborate corn maze. Turns out Bob is a famous maze designer. Who knew? Well Bob, but he wasn't telling, until now.
The farmer Bob works for, Evan Franklin has trouble. Scarecrow trouble. So what could be the trouble with scarecrows in a corn maze? Well, they’re getting up and walking around which could have some dire consequences for the Franklin family. Seems a century or so ago a Franklin cast a spell to bring a scarecrow to life to run off their hated neighbors the Sullvans. Of course, as with all ill thought out deals with the supernatural, there were consequences, like coming back to take the souls of your ancestors in payment consequences. Needless to say the Franklins are a bit on edge to have animated scarecrows running about the place.
As always Irene is skeptical even after she spies one of the walking scarecrows basically daring her to follow it into the maze.
So who’s behind the mystery and what are they after? Is it Mike Sullivan, whose family was driven off their land, back for revenge? Or is it Shamus Franklin, Evan’s son, who can’t seem to let go of old grudges? Beatrice Carpenter a victim of unrequited love? Or is Valerie Hagen plotting some desperate plot to gain custody of her granddaughter Hilary Franklin? And what about Hilary? She is kind of an Irene Waters in training.
(What's that? Do I smell a spin-off? Well maybe, if she's not guilty that is, or even if she is. The girl's got mystery solving potential.)
Of course Irene will solve the mystery, once she gets herself and Troy out of the corn maze where they are currently on the run from scarecrows with attitude issues.
In other words, "just another day at the office."

Due to be released by the end of May 2013,

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