Monday, May 6, 2013

Are You A Fan of Flan? by Linda Kozar

If you're a fan of flan, this is hands-down, the most delightful custard I've ever tasted. My friend, Maria Skinner scribbled it down for me when I couldn't stop raving over it. Maria and her husband David founded Network Bible Translators in 1970 in Mexico and Guatemala. Prior to that, they were missionaries in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. From there, God sent them and their family around the world. Her story is featured in my book:

Moving Tales--Adventures in Relocation

Maria Skinner's Flan                    350 degrees

1 can condensed milk
1 can of coconut cream
4 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1 cup of sugar
1 small package cream cheese

Blend all the ingredients in the mixer except the sugar. Heat the sugar in a saucepan on the stove until it caramelizes into syrup. Quickly pour the caramelized sugar syrup into the baking dish, then pour the rest of the blended ingredients on top. Bake @350 degrees. Test to see if done by inserting knife. When it comes out clean, the flan is done.

Recipe from Maria Skinner,
A missionary friend

I hope you try it. Every Bite's a Delight!

By The Book
By Maria Skinner
Several years ago, our family prepared to move from Guatemala to Mexico on a Mission assignment where we were to begin working among the Trique Indians. My husband Dave and I decided to have a garage sale before we left since we needed to lighten our move to the mission home in Mexico. All in all, we took in a nice sum--$800 dollars. Fearful of losing it in the chaos of moving, I put the cash in a “safe” place inside one of our books packed in a suitcase.

When we got to our mission home in Mexico, we began unpacking our boxes. I soon became preoccupied with getting our life back to normal in our new surroundings. I took all our clothing out of the suitcases and hung them up, but left all the books in the suitcase thinking that I would get to them later, when things weren’t as hectic. However, as they say “out of sight, out of mind.” I soon forgot about the books, as well as our garage sale windfall. A whole year passed by.
Then one day, we completely ran out of money. There was no money for food or anything else for that matter, so we prayed fervently for God to provide for our needs. Then, after much prayer, God spoke to my heart to look inside the suitcases, so I dug them out and went through them. I started flipping through the pages of the books inside. When I opened one, to my surprise, there it was—all the money that we needed and prayed for. Our garage sale money! We praised God that He helped me stash that money away and then forget about it, so that in a time of need He could manifest His love through our circumstances.

We had an awesome time with the Lord, thanking Him for His sense of humor and for providing for us in a desperate time of need. That book of money was a precious to us as the fish with coins in his mouth was to Peter (Matthew: 17:27).


  1. This sounds like such a rich delicious recipe - I wonder what the calorie count is.

    Lucky you.

    ~Nancy Jill

  2. Nancy--We won't delve into the cal count. Like Scarlett O'Hara, we'll think about that tomorrow...


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