Thursday, May 16, 2013

What's Your Favorite Fairy Tale?

When The Frog Won't Kiss The Princess You Know There's Trouble in Fairy Tale Land
What's your favorite Fairy Tale? I know it's a silly sounding question, but I have a good reason for asking. I need some ideas to stea...I mean to gather some inspiration from.

I'm blocking out my new novella series, The Law of The Lands. Yes it was going to be short stories, but I'm a writer, I change my mind all the time so best get used to it. Anyway, I've got to do something while I wait for the Beta readers to finish The Great Scarecrow Invasion, and the movie to start, and getting Chasing Lady Midnight ready.

I know, I'm demented. It's the way God made me, just go with it. Less headaches that way.

So I'm looking for some fairy tales  Although my main storyline will be my own characters, there will be solving of mysteries involving fairy tale characters. Slightly fractured of course. How's that for a cozy mystery idea? Agatha Christie must rolling in her grave.

I'm looking for some that might not be so commonly known. I mean we all love Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty, but let's face it they've been done to death. When Cinderella becomes a Zombie Slayer, and Sleeping Beauty a Vampire Slayer (I'm not kidding check it out on Amazon sometime) it's time to move on to other fairy tales. Although I do reserve the right to have the these characters make cameo appearances, such as Peter Pan and Captain Hook.

Don't groan I've already written the scene, I"m using it!

I've definitely decided on Snow White and Rose Red. Different Snow White, who knew there were two? Well I did, but I'm a writer knowing that kind of thing is part of what I do. Also I'll be using the Jabberwock from Through The Looking Glass. I know, technically it's a poem not a story, but close enough!

Random thought: Why is the poem called Jabberwocky but the monster in it Jabberwock?  Sorry, my mind wanders sometimes.

Anyway got any favorites you want to share? I'd love to hear your favorites.

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