Wednesday, July 2, 2014


At last IT has decided to make a grand appearance. The Family Legacy story. The one my Daddy used to tell. The Woolly Weegie. Here's the description:

"You know the trouble with Monsters? They're never what you think.
Reporter Irene Waters and her cameraman Troy Stenson are about to learn that lesson the hard way as they find themselves on the hunt for a local legend called The Woolly Weegie. Or at least that is what everyone in the community of Hammond Village has been led to believe. In truth, Bernie Youngstown has sent his team on an actual investigative story to uncover an alleged academic cheating ring at a local private high school.
But just as they believe they have escaped the weirdness that usually accompanies their stories, weirdness comes looking for them when The Woolly Weegie comes pounding on their door.
So Irene’s Eerie Adventures not only will have to deal with a “monster” who refuses to be ignored, but the diabolical Secretary of The Records Department who is making her final move."

Do that intrigue you? I hope so. Coming up with descriptions for books is hard. If you have suggestions let me know. Feedback, I am finding, is a very good thing in writing.

 So, if you have never read my books a few things you should keep in mind:
There will be no recipes, no crafting, no party tips, no tea, no crime solving dogs nor cats, cute businesses and no murders.
Not that there is anything wrong with those things in a cozy mystery book. I've read and enjoyed many of them. I just don't write them. My plots are...different.
Yeah, God's sense of humor really was in full force the day He made me.
Since I don't do recipes, crafting, etc., etc. as an added bonus this book includes the FULL Woolly Weegie story as told by my Dad, B.W. Ragsdale. Initials are big in my family.
So The Woolly Weegie is here! Run! To Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Smashwords.

The Reboot Files and The Lady Midnight Series


  1. Loved "The Woolie Weegie," Cindy. And I love your banner!

  2. Love your banner as well Cindy! Fab!