Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Trials in the Mystery of Life

What do you do when trials arise? Do you say, "Oh, good - a trial! Can't wait to see the outcome." Or perhaps you crawl into your shell and wait, hoping it will end soon. As believers, we don't face trials alone; our faith in God gives us what we need to press on. We may feel overwhelmed, scared, or confused when faced with adversity, but have you noticed? Trials pass. Peace comes. We move forward.
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"The Long Trip Home" is the story of how Jillian Bradley handles a terrible trial in her life. As  I wrote the book, it was important to include emotions of how she felt. Since I had not experienced a trial like hers, I had to glean from the experiences of others. Such is one of the challenges of being a writer. I write stories to not only entertain, but to depict how our loving Heavenly Father is always there for us. 

I hope you enjoy this latest adventure of Jillian and her Yorkie companion, Teddy. Here are the Reviews.

~Nancy Jill


  1. So true, Nancy. I'm curious--when your characters experience sadness, do you as well? Sometimes I do with my characters. I guess I'm truly in deep POV when I get all emotional!

    1. I tend to write at arms length because I've never had great sadness in my life. It helps to talk to people that have before I put that particular emotion on paper. Of course, life isn't over yet!

      Thanks for your comment. I appreciate it.

      ~Nancy Jill