Monday, December 9, 2013

A White Elephant Book Exchange/Christmas Party!

Yesterday, (December 7th, 2013) Writers On The Storm, The Woodlands, Texas chapter of the American Fiction Christian Writers celebrated our third year tradition of exchanging books with amazingly quirky or outrageous titles.

The cake in the picture above lists some of the favorite titles from the previous year. (And yes, these are real published books). (1) Bless Your Heart, Tramp (2) I Love Ranch Dressing (3) Bedtime Stories For Children You Hate.

Mind you, we're not about criticizing other authors or their work. The fun is all about the titles. Course some of the content in non-fiction books is gloriously bizarre (as in the case of this year's Eat Your Boogers!

Mary Hamilton, YA author and recipient of Eat Your Boogers

Some of you might be wondering what my personal fav was. Well, I'm glad you asked (even though you didn't). Here it is:

Nancy Kimball, author and proud owner of Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair

Yes, the title is Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair. And we made her read some of the interior. It's fun and funny. Author, you had me at Cat Hair...

I got a copy of "Unstoppable Bathroom Humor" and a bonus book!

There were several hormonal-themed books in play and Sharen Watson  got one!

Author Martha Rogers face says it all!

A close-up of the cake crafted by multi-talented author and cake crafter Janice Thompson!

So there you have it--a wonderful Christmas celebration was had by all. Merry Christmas my friends!

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