Thursday, December 12, 2013

You Know You Are A Serious Knitting Nerd When...

THIS is the kind of thing that gets you excited!
It is a 1968 Learn to Knit Book by Coats & Clark. Back when Red Heart yarn was not just Red Heart, it was Coats & Clarke's Red Heart!

It Says 35 Cents, I Got It For 25 Cents! Well 27 With Tax. Tax Man Needs His Cut On Everything!

Look at that Hair-Do.

A Dickey! Do You Know How Long It's Been Since I've Seen This Pattern? Never!

That Is One Wide Scarf! Notice There Is A Graphic As Well As A Photo. That's So Sixties.

Seriously, I was so excited when I found this book. Okay, so it's a little bent, but it still has the staples intact! Where did I find it? I will never reveal my source (thrift store).

When I am not writing this is one of my hobbies. Knitting, not finding knitting books. I crochet too, but I like to knit better. Probably because I learned to knit first. Mom pointed out that was weird because knitting is harder than crocheting. She always said I did everything backwards.

Nice to know Mom was right, as usual.

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  1. Cindy--I love it! Retro cool. I remember wearing dickeys when I was a kid. The theory was to give ordinary outfits a nice polished look without the heat of wearing a full turtleneck which was important in the south. (The winters can be tricky. One day its freezing, the next day in the 80s.)


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