Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Evolution of Cover

Is it December ALREADY?!

I'm having a hard time accepting that.

Maybe you are too.

Not that I didn't enjoy cyber Monday, I just thought we should be able to follow all of those great deals with another week or so of November...

The good news, I suppose, is this means we're only about five days away from Bright New Murder: A Plain Jane Mystery!

The third book in the Plain Jane series finds Jane on Christmas break. Jane's long distance boyfriend is home, her cousin Gemma is in love with her best friend, and all together, they throw a "killer" fundraiser!

But that reminds me that I haven't written a proper blurb for it yet.

I have, however, got a cover!

I thought it would be fun to show the process from sketches I made to send to my designer all the way to the finished one.


This was my first idea...but then,
I changed the timing of the story a little.
I found this series of images...
And played around with them to see if I liked them...

And this is what my designer made for me! (Hi, Andrew!)
I'm completely thrilled with it! And now I'm off to start Plain Jane Four!