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Pineapple-Sugar Cane Water--By Linda Kozar

I love the taste combination of pineapple and sugar cane.

I'm originally from Louisiana, where every year I'd notice fields of what appeared to be tall grasses billowing in the wind. Over time, they widened into bamboo-like rods. Once each rod is cut down, you hold a sugary piece of heaven in your hands.

Remove the outer shield by cutting down into it and peeling away. Believe me, this is not easy. Sugar Cane ain't called "cane" for nothing. Once you reach the inner fibrous core, slice or cut into 2 inch sticks (which I use to prepare sugar cane water). Now taste one. Chew until reduced to a pulp. DO NOT swallow the pulp. Chew to get the good, clean taste. Surprise, right? Sugar Cane does not taste super sugary. Not like you'd expect, anyway.

Processing sugar cane is complex business, but can be done by hand cranking with the proper equipment or by mechanized process. We're not attempting that today. Sigh of relief. I've posted a simple recipe I think you'll enjoy.

Seven Reasons You Might Want to Try Sugar Cane Juice:

1. Quenches the thirst and gives you energy 
2. Though sweet, it contains natural sugar which has a low glycemic index. 
3. Has high concentrations of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and manganese.   
4. Boosts protein levels in the body. A a squeeze of lime juice, and coconut water for added benefits for the urinary tract. 
5. Antioxidants in the juice help prevent infections 
.6. Helps prevent tooth decay! (Due to the high mineral content). 
7. Promotes beautiful skin (drink and apply topically) and strong, shiny nails.
Warning: The juice must be extracted in a hygienic manner. And because of its sugar content (which promotes the growth of microorganisms), should be consumed right away. No saving this concoction for the next day. Sugar Cane Water is so good, you won't want to. Sugar Cane juice is regularly consumed in many countries, sold by street vendors. However, if the juice is prepared in unsanitary conditions, it could be a health hazard.

Instead, we're making sugar cane water.  Recipe For Sugar Cane Water Recently, I made some for a gathering at my house and it was delicious.

Pineapple Sugarcane Water


2 liters purified water
2 sticks sugar cane
4-5 large chunks fresh pineapple


Combine all ingredients in a large pitcher. Stir.
The longer the water sits, the more the pineapple and sugarcane flavors will infused into it.

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Linda Kozar is the co-author of Babes With A Beatitude—Devotions For Smart, Savvy Women of Faith (Hardcover/eBook, Howard/Simon & Schuster 2009) and author of Misfortune Cookies (Print, Barbour Publishing 2008), Misfortune Cookies, A Tisket, A Casket, and Dead As A Doornail, (“When The Fat Ladies Sing Series,” eBooks, Spyglass Lane Mysteries, 2012). Strands of Fate released October 2012 (Hardcover/eBook, Creative Woman Mysteries). Her latest foray into indie publishing, produced Alligator Pear, (historical fiction) and her nonfiction anthology Moving Tales, Adventures in Relocation, both released in 2013. She received the ACFW Mentor of the Year Award in 2007, founded and served as president of Writers On The Storm, The Woodlands, Texas ACFW chapter for three years. In 2003, she co-founded, co-directed and later served as Southwest Texas Director of Words For The Journey Christian Writers Guild.

In addition to writing Linda is Lead Host of the Gate Beautiful Radio Show, part of the Red River Network on Blog Talk Radio—interviewing Christian authors from Debut to Bestselling, airing the 3rd Thursday of every month. She and her husband Michael, married 24 years, have two lovely daughters, Katie and Lauren and a Rat Terrier princess named Patches.

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