Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Memories

This is a picture of my Dad, Mom and my older brothers Bill (in Mom's lap) and Curtis (in Dad's lap). The reason I'm not in the picture is because I was just a twinkle in my parents eyes. I love this picture. It brings back so many memories of Christmases during a simpler time. I remember going to pick out the tree a few days before Christmas (so it wouldn't dry out). Who doesn't love the smell of a fresh tree? We had a big picture window in our living room and Mom would use the artificial snow to make designs on the window.
Our gifts were simple - a doll for me and maybe a woodburning kit for the boys. Things that you would use your imagination with. Then of course there was Christmas dinner. Along with the regular fare we would have home-made cakes - German Chocolate and Red Velvet. My Mom made a fruit salad that was to die for. How I wish I had my parents with me to celebrate another family Christmas, but since I don't I'll settle for the wonderful childhood memories that I have! I hope you have some nice memories and will make more this year!
Oh I just thought of a funny story. Those two brothers of mine put me up to going in Sears and asking Santa for a Corvette with all the trimmings (they told me what to say). They thought that was sooo funny and the Santa knew Dad and told him what I did. I don't think I got in trouble, but I never did it again. LOL

Remember this candy?
In my mind we always called this type candy, Christmas Candy.  But of course it wasn't actually named that.  But that's the only time we had this stuff. And I did not like it, but we always had it at Christmas time.  To this day, I buy some even if I throw most of it out.. because I have to have it if its Christmas!
Did you have a book like this?
Who had one of these?
What about these lights?
Old Fashion Lights 5 lights1.jpg photo


  1. Memories to store in our hearts forever. I loved the ribbon candy, too. Dolls were my favorite! (I'd still like one!) Thanks for a very special post, Debbie.

    ~Nancy Jill

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jill.
      Debbie Malone

  2. Hi Deborah.
    Yes I remember that candy, which always seemed to get stuck together into one big blob, and I remember my father had a few choice words for those lights when he would string them up. Remember how if one went out they all went out? Now that's a Christmas memory.


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