Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Ballast--by Linda Kozar

I am soooo done with my Christmas shopping and mailing! Three cheers! Now I'm working on my annual Christmas/New Year's letter. Yes, I kind of flipped things around--the letters are supposed to go out early in December, but hey, whatever works, right?

I've also done a bit of baking--some cookies, some fudge. I thought I might want to do more, but I'm sort of okay with what I've already done. Instead of pushing myself ever further, I've learned to just be happy right where I am.

Writing is like that too. Some authors are so ambitious or maybe obsessed is a better word. All they ever do is write. They don't take time to interact with their spouse or children, even pets. They hide behind a laptop, occasionally coming up for air and food. But do you ever want to be so driven that you drive others away? I think not.

A ship without ballast will lean to one side and certainly sink in time. It's all about balance. In the new year, aim to find that place. Talk to your family. Find out how they feel about all the time you spend writing. Work out a schedule that works with your loved ones. Kids grow up and are gone before you know it. And your husband or wife shouldn't have to make an appointment to talk you!

I love writing, and at times, it's been an idol in my life. But I learned to put writing in it's place. It's not my life, writing is a part of who I am. So is my faith, my family, my friends.

I hope you find you balance. What could be more satisfying than to be loved by God, doing what He created you to do, and being surrounded by a loving circle of family and friends? I am so blessed to be a writer! May you be blessed as well--in whatever God created YOU to do!

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