Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mom's Recipe Box

Oh...My...Gosh. There it is. 

Yes in there resides, the I must have it so I will make it no matter how hard it is, Buttermilk Fudge. Also my favorite Thumbprint Cookies and that Lemon Cream Pie which is so rich you may not eat again for days after one slice but who cares?
But there are not just desserts in there. There's Mom's go to recipes. Chicken Marengo, Pepper Steak, Spinach and Swiss Quiche just to name a few. There are breads, soups and casseroles she made when she felt like it. Fortunately for me, she felt like it a lot.
Of course there are her specialties that aren't in there because Mom was mostly a scratch cook. You know, the kind of cook that can throw ingredients into a bowl, mix them together, throw it in the oven or a cast iron skillet and it all came out wonderful. Unlike me who could mess up canned soup if she's not careful.
There was her beef stew, which we had on rainy days, I had sourdough bread with mine while she had cornbread. Right, that she made herself. Fried Corn (which you ate with tomatoes off the vine, yum), smothered chicken and noodles, a fabulous meatloaf, and her water gravy, which I know doesn't sound so good, but was really, really good.  How did she make all this stuff? Well, therein lies the problem. You see although I know how she did a lot of what she did, I'm not sure how she did a lot of what she did. If that makes sense.
So why am I keeping the recipe box now that Mom is gone? Most of these recipes aren't designed for one person, they were way too much for two really. And there's also the well-known issue of my lack of cooking skills.
No, it's not very practical for me, and I could just gift the thing to my sister, who is a great cook and has a lot more people living with her. Then I could just keep the recipes that I can make. Like the Buttermilk Fudge (maybe) and the Thumbprint cookies.
Then again, it's just got so many memories of my Mom who really loved to cook until she got so sick. I wasn't kidding when I said Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday.
So I think I'll keep it around, because it doesn’t take up that much room.
Unlike all of her LA Dodger memorabilia which I am still finding all over the house! I knew she was a fan, but the woman was obsessed.
Did you know they made a Dodger Barbie? But that's another blog post.

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  1. My mouth watered the whole time I was reading! How fortunate for you to have had a mom who loved to cook. Gone are the days...

    ~Nancy Jill

    1. I know what you mean. With mothers having to work just to put food on the table, they just don't have the time to cook it anymore. Man, I will miss this stuff, especially the fried corn, the stew, the meatloaf...I know I could try to do it myself, but it's just won't be the same.

  2. How sweet. I know that brings back many good memories. My mom had an old Betty Crocker cookbook that she used. I wish I knew where it was.
    Deborah Malone
    "Death in Dahlonega"


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