Monday, September 2, 2013

Cake Disasters--By Linda Kozar

Something fun for Labor Day.

One of my favorite odd sites on the internet is without a doubt, "Cake Wrecks." Love the collection of cake mistakes.

I've made a few in my day. The birthday cake with an earthquake fault through the center, the cake that didn't rise, and the cake I held together with toothpicks. But I'd rather forget about my failures and look at somebody else's failures instead:)

Hope you enjoy these cakes.

Cake Wrecks


  1. I have two: the cheesecake I spilled on the floor which my husband scooped up and ate, saying it was the best I'd ever made, and the chocolate eraser cake with the consistency of a gum eraser. (I finally perfected it to become our favorite.) Oh, and one more - the vinegar chocolate cake - a real bomb!

    Fun post, Linda!

    ~Nancy Jill Thames

  2. HAHA Nancy! Your husband actually scooped it up and ate part of it? That's hilarious. Love the chocolate eraser cake analogy. And I've heard of vinegar pie, but not cake. Guess there's a reason why:)


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