Monday, September 9, 2013

The Most Important Ingredient--by Linda Kozar

Below is a fanciful recipe I found on a catering website (see link below). But I noticed there was something missing--the most important ingredient in the recipe for a successful marriage. God! If God isn't at the center of your relationship your relationship with your spouse will fall flat.

Every marriage is different and we all have our own recipes, but the three main ingredients are the same: God, you and your spouse. Every other ingredient adds the unique flavor of your relationship and covenant with God.

Appreciate your spouse this week! Say an extra prayer or two. Enjoy a special dinner together. And be sure to tell the love of your life how much you love him!

Recipe for a Successful Marriage

(from Southern Charm Catering)

Mix Together

3 cups -Tenderness

1 cup -Commitment
1 cup -Consideration
1 cup -Courtesy
2 cups -Milk of Human Kindness


2 cups -Faith

3 cups -Cooperation
1 small pinch of In-Laws
1 Realistic Financial Budget
3 Tbl pure extract of "I Am Sorry"
1 cup -Contentment
2 cups -Open and Honest Communication

Blend in 1 Cup Each

Confidence Encouragement Supportive Friends Blindness in Each Other's Faults Individual Interests and Hobbies

Mix In

Several mutual activities and hobbies

Flavor with occasional tokens of your love and a dash of happy memories. Stir well and remove any specks of temper, jealousy, or criticism. Sweeten well with a generous portion of love and keep warm with a steady flame of devotion. Never serve with hot tongue or cold shoulder. 

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