Thursday, September 12, 2013

UH-OH...I Feel A Rant Coming On

Do you all realize that we are now into The ‘Bers?
You know what I mean. It’s September, next comes October, November and then the dreaded December where you have more to do than you can ever accomplish without going nuts!
The year is almost over! Where did the time go? The older I get the faster it goes. It wasn’t always like this, when I was kid I remember it dragged. Except for Christmas and summer vacation. Those went by very quickly, but you know what I mean.
Oh good grief, now not only do I have a book to get done, I’m going to have to start planning for the Holidays. You may think it’s too early, but like I said, I’m old (never mind how old), time flies, and they get here way too quick.
Am I panicking? OF COURSE I’M PANCIKING! Join me won’t you?
Oh wait, another added pressure, in October my great-nephew (yes I am that old, can we stop belaboring that point?) has a birthday. I love the kid, but birthdays just before and after Christmas should be banned. Choose another month! Worse he’s going to be turning 10, and all he is interested in is video games. Most of which are out of my price range, and which I do not approve of anyway!
You realize what this means? I will have to be creative, and I hate to be creative! Well except for writing, but that doesn’t count because it’s my ministry and I’m good at it.
What do you get a boy who is only interested in video games? Girls are so much easier, we bond over Barbie and that doll available everything for purchase.
I need ideas people.
Oh no I just realized. I have to make Buttermilk Fudge...again. Oh my sister is so not getting off the hook this year. She’s learning how to make this stuff if I have chain her to the Dutch oven. Either that or I will commit the recipe to memory and then take it with me when the Lord calls me home. That’ll learn her.
Just don’t tell her I posted the recipe on this blog last year.
It will be our little secret (maniacal laugh).
Sorry, I’ve been writing about super heroes and villains for too long.

Mystery writer C.L. Ragsdale is the author of The Reboot Files a Christian Cozy Mystery Series, and a superhero story called Chasing Lady Midnight. A California native, she loves to "surf" the web to research plot details for her fun, quirky stories. She has a degree in Theatre Arts which greatly influenced her writing style. Working in various fields as a secretary has allowed her to both master her writing skills and acquire valuable technical knowledge which she uses liberally in her plots. Although that is where she got her idea for The Secretary, she is not an evil mastermind. Although some of her former employers might disagree. These days she contents herself with knitting while contemplating her next diabolical plot. Story plot that is.

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  1. I read your post Cindy until my eyes focused on Buttermilk Fudge. Then, all I saw in my head was a yummy plate of Buttermilk Fudge!

    1. Linda you and your candy makes me laugh out loud!

      ~ Nancy Jill

  2. Nancy--I do have a sweet tooth! But since I changed my diet I don't eat many sweets. But I do lust after them...

    1. Wait a minute. Buttermilk Fudge is not just candy. Buttermilk Fudge is THE candy. At least in my family. Remember, I like it so well I actually learned how to make it. That says it all right there.


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