Monday, September 2, 2013

When your Hobby becomes Work...

What do you do for fun?!
reading with my babies.
When my girls were babies (feels like  yesterday, but was 9 and 7 years ago, in reality) I kept a journal in MS Word. When they were toddlers, I had a blog. Writing professionally was not something I had the mental energy for. I did it just for fun.

Now, of course, I write professionally. I write a lot. Maybe not as often as I ought to, but between novels, blogs, articles, and short stories, if feels like I live my life with my fingers glued to the keyboard.

So, what do I do for fun? I can tell you it's not keeping an internet journal.

I play spoons!

My darling husband plays the mandolin, but I'm not a musical person. Seven years of piano lessons confirmed that music is not a gift I have. I picked up the spoons this summer as a way to hang out with my husband more. He thought it would be fun, I though it would be fun, and it turns's way fun! And, it also turns out, I'm not completely useless in a jam session anymore.

Here's Dan and I playing some old country tunes, or, doing what I do for fun now that my other hobby became my job.


  1. Wow, Traci - that was some pretty fancy spoons playin'. Good for you!

    ~nancy Jill

  2. :) Thanks Nancy! I've always wanted to be musical but I can't carry a tune in a bucket and the piano is HARD! This is a fun way we can hang out together enjoying one of his favorite passions...much better than before when he'd pick up the mandolin and I'd say, "Again?" with a heavy sigh...

  3. Girl--you are gifted! At first I thought you were talking about the card game! I've been wounded playing that before! My arms were all scratched up with people grabbing those spoons. The only spoon game I seem to play lately is hoisting a spoon of yummy ice cream to my mouth...

  4. :) I confess: I've never played the other spoons before! But from all of the horror stories I hear...I think I might just stick with dice! (And thank you!)


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